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Welcome to Solitaire Facility Management: Professional Cleaning Services

Solitaire Facility Management: Where Cleanliness Meets Comfort!

Home Cleaning

House Cleaning

Transform your living space into a haven of cleanliness and comfort with our comprehensive house cleaning services

Sofa Cleaning

Sofa Cleaning

Revive the beauty of your sofas with our specialized cleaning services, ensuring every inch is spotless and fresh

Sofa Dry Cleaning

Sofa Dry Cleaning

Experience the magic of our sofa dry cleaning service, meticulously removing stains and dirt while preserving the fabric’s integrity

facade cleaning

Facade Cleaning

Showcase your building’s true beauty with our facade cleaning services, enhancing curb appeal and maintaining structural integrity.

Commercial Cleaning​

Commercial Cleaning

Retail spaces to corporate offices, our commercial cleaning services deliver a pristine environment for your business operations

Restaurant Cleaning

Ensure the highest hygiene standards in your restaurant with our comprehensive cleaning services, from kitchen to dining area

Carpet Cleaning

Deep-clean your carpets with our specialized cleaning techniques, removing dirt and stains while preserving fabric quality

Marble Polishing

Bring back the natural shine of your marble surfaces with our professional polishing services, for an elegant and luxurious finish

Floor Cleaning

Floor Cleaning

Our floor cleaning services ensure every inch of your floor is spotless, enhancing the overall look and feel of your space

Chair Cleaning

Revitalize your office chairs with our expert cleaning services, ensuring comfort and cleanliness in your workspace

Office Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning

Maintain a productive and hygienic workspace with our thorough office cleaning services, tailored to your business needs


Transform your space with our painting services, offering high-quality finishes and a splash of color to bring your walls to life

Don't Stress the Mess, We're Here to Impress!

Welcome to the abode of Solitaire Facility Management, where we turn your ‘oh no’ into ‘wow’ moments with our meticulous cleaning, home deep cleaning, and pest control services. With over a decade of elbow grease and smiles, we’re the go-to wizards for homes and businesses alike. Why settle for clean when you can have ‘Solitaire Clean’?

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Solitaire Facility Management - We Clean. You Shine.

A Decade of Expertise

Ten years of perfecting our craft.

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Your joy is our mission statement

Eco-Friendly Promise

We're green cleaners in every sense

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At Solitaire Facility Management, we promise a home that doesn't just feel clean but feels cherished. A space where harmony isn't just a concept but your new reality.
Uttam Prajapati

Solitaire turned my place from a 'before' picture into an 'after' miracle. - Uttam, satisfied homeowner

Harold Harrison

After Solitaire, even my allergies thanked me! - Mike L., breathing easier

Piyush Prajapat

Pests checked out, and they haven't checked back in. Solitaire for the win! - Rita P., happy client

Kyle Romero

Hats off to the dream team that doesn't just clean your house; they cleanse your soul with their dedication and shine.

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